90% of The World’s Children Breathe Toxic Air Every Day

Air is a basic necessity for all living beings and an essential element in human survival. The air we breathe is the fuel that energizes us all. Air in its purest state is best suited for the essential task of sustaining life.

Air pollution is the largest contributor to the burden of disease from the environment, and is one of the main avoidable causes of death and disease globally. Over 7 million people die each year due to air pollution, with 90% of them in low- and middle-income countries (WHO, Lancet Planetary Health).

Children are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution, with sometimes lifelong consequences. According to WHO, approximately 93% of the world’s children under the age of 15 years (1.8 billion children), daily breathe air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk. Tragically, many of them die. WHO estimates that in 2016, 600,000 children died from acute lower respiratory infections caused by polluted air.

Transportation, more specifically vehicle exhaust emissions, play a major role in air pollution especially in developing regions such as South Asia. Therefore, minimizing vehicle emission is an integral part of the battle against air pollution.

At LAUGFS ECO SRI, the Emission Testing centers are equipped with advanced technology and qualified trained personnel to examine and certify all vehicles undergoing emission tests comply with set norms and environmental regulations. This in turn ensures that harmful emissions which are released to the environment by vehicles is controlled and that they remain within applicable benchmarked levels.

As a pioneering vehicle emission testing entity in Sri Lanka, LAUGFS Eco Sri has played a vital role in improving air quality in the country since 2008. The Company’s ongoing Vehicle Emission Testing (VET) program contributes in minimizing vehicle exhaust emissions through ensuring that the emissions remain within acceptable standards.

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