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About LAUGFS Eco Sri

History and Growth

LAUGFS Eco Sri Ltd is a BOI venture that began its journey in 2008 with an entrepreneurial vision to pioneer air quality management in Sri Lanka. We facilitate the government-run mandatory Vehicle Emission Testing (VET) program through our testing centres, and as we continue to expand throughout the years, we have established a network of over 95 fixed testing centres and 41 mobile units covering over 142 locations across Sri Lanka.
At LAUGFS Eco Sri, we firmly believe that businesses are vital in addressing environmental challenges. International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies is a timely reminder that we must all work together to combat air pollution. Our commitment to reducing emissions goes beyond regulatory compliance. We are investing in cutting-edge technology and promoting sustainable transportation solutions to ensure that vehicles have the least possible impact on air quality.
Message from the CEO
Saliya Dissanayaka
Chief Executive Officer
Driven by our commitment to build a cleaner, safer and greener tomorrow, LAUGFS Eco Sri provides eco solutions backed by world-class technologies and benchmark global standards. LAUGFS Eco Sri is certified with ISO 9002 as well as 14001 and is also accredited by the ILACMRA and SLAB ISO 17020.
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With an unwavering focus on service, together with advanced state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to leading the government’s VET program, providing greater fuel efficiency combined with better air quality.

What We Do

Air Quality Improvement

LAUGFS Eco Sri Limited offers eco solutions aimed at improving the air quality of the environment. Our vehicle emission testing helps keep emission levels to a minimum by encouraging and assisting vehicle owners and motorists to maintain their vehicles in optimal performance conditions.
Our Team Ensure

Efficient Emission Testing Services

At LAUGFS Eco Sri, our meticulous recruitment process focuses on acquiring individuals with the necessary skill sets. We further prioritize employee retention by offering a comprehensive value proposition. All staff at our testing centers meet the entry requirement of National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 3, guaranteeing a high level of competency. We remain committed enhancing employee skills through regular training programs, covering both occupational and soft skills.

Accessible Emission Testing

At LAUGFS Eco Sri, we have strategically positioned our centers across the entire country, including remote areas in the North and East, ensuring convenient accessibility. With over 237 customer touch points, we have a presence in every province, guaranteeing easy access for motorists.
At LAUGFS Eco Sri, our emission testing services play a pivotal role in minimizing emission levels. We actively support vehicle owners in maintaining their vehicles for optimal performance, resulting in both reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency. Our approach integrates cutting-edge testing technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of highly trained professionals, ensuring the highest quality of service. We hold the certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 by Sri Lanaka Standards Institution, and ISO 17020 by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board. We are committed to enhancing the efficiency of emissions testing, striving for a streamlined process. This translates swifter testing procedures, exceptionals customer service, and a dedicated clientele.
From the outset, we have dedicated substantial resources to acquiring cutting-edge emission testing technology, including Class Zero software sourced from Europe Additionally, we have implemented a comprehensive range of supporting equipment across all centers to ensure precise and efficient testing procedures. Our real-time connectivity and troubleshooting system allow seamless island-wide synchronization for immediate information and support during emissions tests. This is complemented by an automated in-house vehicle identification system, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our service.

LAUGFS Eco Sri operates three distinct types of emission testing centres , each tailored for efficiency and accuracy. 'Fixed Centres' are exemplars of precision, equipped with advanced testing machinery and a dedicated team. Spanning over 10,000 square feet, these centres house 3-4 testing lanes, facilitating swift assessments. Cutting-edge equipment, including the Infra 309 Gas Analyzer and Puma 105 Smoke Meter is complemented by robust emergency backup systems. Manned by a proficient team of 8-10, operations run seamlessly. With a capacity of up to 100 vehicles per lane per day, Fixed Centers uphold our commitment to exceptional emission testing.

Additionally, LAUGFS Eco Sri operates Semi-Fixed Centres, intelligently designed with container officeboxes spanning an area of over 2,500 square feet. These centres feature two testing lanes, ensuring efficient assessments. Like our Fixed Centres, the Semi Fixed Centres are equipped with a capable team of 6-7 employees, ensuring seamless operations. With a testing capacity of 100 vehicles per lane per day, these centres play a pivotal role in our commitment to thorough emission testing.

The third category encompasses our mobile units, fully equipped emission testing facilities on wheels. Each unit operates with a team of 3-5 dedicated employees, ensuring seamless operations. With a testing capacity of 100 vehicles per lane per day, our mobile units offer a convenient and efficient solution for emissions testing.
Why Choose
At LAUGFS Eco Sri, we truly wish to realize our vision for a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka. To accomplish this vision, LAUGFS Eco Sri utilizes only the latest technology and equipment in over 237 testing locations throughout its testing procedures to ensure that our customers receive the best possible experience throughout the testing process. Our high skilled employees are trained and equipped to ensure that you receive all the information and support you need throughout the testing procedure, with minimal waiting time and maximum efficiency.
Conveniently located Testing Centres
Latest testing technology
State-of-the-art equipment
Superior customer service
Proven effectiveness of emissions testing
Speedy service with minimal waiting time

Leadership Team

Saliya Dissanayaka

Chief Executive Officer

Athula Silva

Head of Finance

Nalinda Damion

Head of Logistic

Rasika Perera

Head of Technical

Oshadh de Silva

Head of Marketing

Niran Madushanka

Head of Project

Chinthaka Kalukapuge

Head of Operations

Pasindu Madushanka

Head of Research & Development

Awards and Certifications

Exemplary Workplace Culture

We are recognized as a great place to work

LAUGFS Eco Sri is honored to be recognized as a Great Place to Work® for the year 2023-24, a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in both workplace environment and environmental protection. With a dedicated workforce exceeding 750 employees, they form the bedrock of our success. Through empowerment, robust recognition programs, and professional development opportunities, we instill a sense of pride, commitment, and dedication in our team. Prioritizing employee well-being, we provide benefits like medical check-ups and lodging allowances, and nurture camaraderie through annual events. In addition, we acknowledge staff dedication through awards and offer avenues for professional growth through technical training and an Executive Development Program. These initiatives collectively contribute to a positive workplace culture, empowering our employees to thrive in their careers.