Testing Compliance


Testing Compliance

Our Emission Testing services are provided Island-wide, adhering to the best standards.
Our Emission Testing Process

A friendly guide for your vehicle emission testing process

Stage 01

Visual Inspection

Step 01
When you arrive at a LAUGFS Eco Sri Center, one of our officers will greet you and get the required information from you such as engine number, chassis number, vehicle registration information, etc.
Step 02
Vehicle visual inspection will be conducted to initially check on vehicle’s smog levels, oil leakages, smog exhaust conditions, for any irrelevant noises coming from the vehicle, etc. before putting forward to testing. This is conducted to determine whether the vehicle will fail or pass the emission test and to save customer time and energy. If there’s any issue identified at the visual inspection, the officer will inform you and provide technical guidance how to fix it.
Step 03
If there’s no issues identified at the visual inspection, you will be eligible for emission testing
Stage 02

Vehicle Registration

Step 04
The officer will enter the relevant vehicle information to the system which is linked with the Department of Motor Traffic of Sri Lanka.
Step 05
You will require to pay the relevant fee according to the vehicle category.
Stage 03

Emission Test

Step 06
The technician will direct the motorist to the testing bay and secure the vehicle in order to prepare for testing.
Step 07
At the testing bay, relevant officers will conduct the emission test of your vehicle. Once completed they will direct you to the relevant officer to collect the emission report.
Stage 04

Test Result

Step 08
If your vehicle have passed the test, Congratulations! You will receive the emission certificate.
Step 09
If your vehicle have failed the test, you’ll be given a fail report with instructions. One of our officers will also provide technical advice on which areas of your vehicle needs to be inspected. Don’t worry, you are entitled to 02 free re-tests within 60 days to repair the vehicle and get your vehicle’s emission re-tested.

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