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However, if your vehicle is leased you may submit a copy of the CR or VIC document which is certified by your leasing company

Advice to Help Your Vehicle Pass the Emission Test Procedure

This section provides essential tips to increase the likelihood of passing emission tests, promoting cleaner air. Emphasizing the importance of these tests in maintaining a healthy environment and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards is crucial.
What could result in

Emission Test Failures

• Clogged Air cleaner.
• Used beyond recommended time/mileage
• Inappropriate Air cleaners (e.g.: Diesel vehicle’s air cleaner used for petrol vehicle)
• Excess oil in air cleaner element (Bikes and 3-Wheelers).
• Leaks in the induction hoses or ducts (for Electronic Fuel Injection vehicles).
• Used beyond recommended time/mileage.
• Not using manufacturer recommended model of spark plug.
• Damaged or loose spark plug(s).
• Damaged plug top/plug wires.
• Incorrect modification of the carburetor (e.g.: incorrect jet sizes & jet types).
• Incorrect adjustments to air, fuel or floater level.
• Carburetors with clogged ports or jets.
• Improperly seated carburetor (e.g.: Issues with packing, loose screws or rubber boot).
• Defective sensors (eg: MAP sensor, air flow/mass sensor, Lambda sensors).
• Clogged fuel injectors (Only applies to EFI vehicles)
• Defective actuators (e.g.: Solenoids or stepper motors).
• Blocked throttle-body, air measurement lines and actuator air lines (Only applies to EFI vehicles)
• Defective Ignition coil/Pickup coil.
• Defective C-B Points/CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) unit.
• Defective high-tension wires.
• Worn engine.
• Excessive oil added to petrol (For 2-stroke vehicles only).
• Excessive engine oil level.
• Clogged PCV (Positive Crank-case Ventilation) valve.
• Defective EGR Valve.
• Improper sealed valve seats or gaskets.
• Poor fuel quality.
• Incorrect valve/ignition timing.
• Incorrect silencer modification.
Failure in emission tests may result from improper vehicle maintenance. Let's make a commitment to maintaining our vehicles regularly to contribute to cleaner air.
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