At Eco Sri, we truly wish to realize our vision for a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka. To accomplish this vision, Eco-Sri utilizes only the latest technology and equipment in over 100 locations throughout its testing procedures to ensure that our customers receive the best possible experience throughout the testing process. Our high skilled employees are trained and equipped to ensure that you receive all the information and support you need throughout the testing procedure, with minimal waiting time and maximum efficiency.
The type of pollutant monitored varies between Diesel and Petrol Vehicles.

For Diesel vehicles, we test for Exhaust Opacity and Carbon Particulate Matter levels. This refers to the opacity of smog emitted from vehicles which are being tested.

For Petrol vehicles, we test for CO and HC emissions within exhaust emissions. We also analyze levels of CO2, O2 and Lambda generated to gain a better understanding of the internal combustion of your engine, allowing us to give you highly accurate readings.
Pollutant emission from vehicles is highly toxic to the environment, contributing significantly to heat levels, polluting water bodies and damaging plant and animal life. Colombo’s poor air quality and hazardous breathing conditions are also worsened by these emissions. By ensuring each vehicle is tested, together we can work towards a greener and cleaner Sri Lanka.

Fuel wastage is extremely common in Sri Lanka, particularly in highly urban environments like Colombo. The results of the test can help determine your level of fuel wastage, allowing us to provide you with advice on how to minimize this wastage and improve your mileage in the future.
A vehicle emission test is required prior to re-licensing of a vehicle.
With over 100 locations and 142 Mobile Locations, Eco Sri is well equipped to serve your testing needs at your convenience. For a full list of our locations, please check our Locations tab on our website or click Here.
Present the original Certificate of Registration (CR) or the original Vehicle Identity Card (VIC) at the time of registering your vehicle for the emission test. However, if your vehicle is leased you may submit a copy of the CR or VIC document which is certified by the respective leasing company.
Yes. If the trusted party has the required documentation needed for testing, they can take your vehicle for its emission testing.
You can opt to take your test within one month prior to re-licensing, however, we highly recommend taking the test as early as possible to avoid emergency last-minute circumstances.
In the event that your vehicle does not pass the test, our operators will provide you with definitive information and support as to the testing procedures and which areas failed the tests. Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide advice to assist you in passing your test by providing you with a comprehensive VER (Vehicle Emission Report).

The VER will give you a detailed view of vehicle diagnostics, the testing procedure and systems to repair into prior to re-test. We highly recommend that any subsequent repairs to your vehicle are made by experienced technicians who are trained and properly equipped to perform emission-related repairs. Eco Sri gladly provides the service of offering you two free re-tests within a 60 day period.
Caution and vigilance! Taking good care of your vehicle and regularly monitoring for irregularities will go a long way in ensuring your vehicle is minimizing its impact to air pollution.