LAUGFS Eco Sri Donates Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Patients

Sri Lanka’s pioneer in vehicle emission testing services, LAUGFS Eco Sri Limited, recently engaged in an uplifting program to help restore vision for cataract patients in vulnerable communities. A subsidiary of the LAUGFS Group, the company is deeply committed to social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Accordingly, in an effort to support cataract patients in difficult circumstances, the management and staff of LAUGFS Eco Sri came together to donate intraocular lenses to several deserving patients identified by the company.

Discussing the significance of this initiative, Mr. Saliya Dissanayake, Chief Executive Officer at LAUGFS Eco Sri, said, “Giving back to the communities we serve is an intrinsic part of our approach to sustainability. Having understood that cataract patients in vulnerable communities face challenges regarding obtaining the necessary intraocular lenses to correct their condition, we identified a number of deserving individuals and provided them with the necessary implants. We are inspired to know that our actions will restore the gift of vision for these individuals, helping to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. We look forward to engaging in more such initiatives in the future as part of our ongoing sustainability agenda.”

LAUGFS Eco Sri is an ISO 9001-certified BOI company that offers vehicle emission testing services backed by state-of-the-art technology, driven by its vision of a cleaner, more sustainable Sri Lanka. Adhering to stringent quality standards, the company facilitates the government-approved Vehicle Emission Testing (VET) program, seeking to improve both fuel efficiency and air quality through its network of over 238 customer touchpoints Island-wide. LAUGFS Eco Sri is also certified and compliant with the ISO 17020 and 14001 standards and continues to leap ahead with a strong focus on excellence in quality and standards.

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